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In today's digital world everything is chronical, so we can live in our Memories forever.

As a bride-to-be, your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you face. The cost of a wedding dress depends a lot on your location, size, materials used and design. Fabric, craftsmanship and alterations are three key factors to consider as well. 

According to what we know the average price of a dress in 2017 range between $2500 and $6500. "It's not just a white dress???," you say to yourself, but your forgetting It's the fabric, it's the workmanship, it's the lining, and it's the fit."

"Haute Couture custom wedding dress takes Thousands of hours to make,” says Shlomit Azrad , Founder of the Shlomit Azrad fashion house.

To get a better understanding of what your dress will cost, it helps to understand how a dress is priced. Foe example: Silk is the most expensive option, an average, white silk costs about $30 to $50 per yard. Satin ranges between $18 and $25 per yard. Velvet is a little pricier with the average cost ranging from $20 to $40 & dot you forget Wedding dresses usually have multiple layers

Clearly, the type and amount of fabric you choose for your wedding dress directly influences the cost of your dress. It's the dress of your life, and if there is ever one picture your have of you it's the one in your wedding dress

Spending a lot on a wedding dress is a way for the bride to tell the world, "I'm only going to do this once, so I'm doing it big."